How to Prevent Sous Vide Bag Floating

How to Prevent Sous Vide Bag Floating


Tips to Avoid Sous Vide Bag Floating

One of the most common challenges for sous vide cooking is how to keep sealed food from floating in the water bath. Not only does a floating bag affect evenness during the cooking process, but it also increases the risk of bacteria growth if the bag isn't fully submerged. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent this from happening — let’s talk about them.

Add Weight

Weights of any kind prevent sous vide bag floating. Place small metal objects like butter knives or spoons in the bottom of the bag before sealing, and be sure to evenly distribute weight. Tools specifically designed for this purpose can also help to avoid sous vide bag floating. 

Try Vacuum Sealing

If you're not already vacuum sealing food before sous vide cooking, it's time to start. Vacuum sealing reduces the amount of air in the bag to keep food fresh. If you don't have a vacuum sealer, try the water displacement method to remove as much air as possible. Without oxygen, the bag naturally sinks to the bottom of the water bath and stays submerged throughout the cooking process. 

Apply the Double-Bag Method

The double–bag method is another effective way to prevent floating sous vide bags. Start by placing your food in one bag and sealing it, then putting that bag inside another bag before closing it. The double layer of plastic builds weight to fully submerge the bag. Note that extra plastic can lengthen cooking time and insulation to some extent.  

Use a Rack or Steel Mesh Bag Sinker

A rack or stainless steel mesh bag sinker can be helpful when trying to avoid floating sous vide bags. These accessories are designed to hold the bag in place and prevent it from moving around in the water bath. A rack is convenient if you’re cooking multiple bags at once because it keeps the food separated from touching. Stainless steel mesh conveniently drapes over your bag and sinks it to the bottom of the sous vide bath for easy float-free cooking.

Use a Lid or Aluminum Foil

Prevent floating sous vide bags by covering the water bath with a lid or aluminum foil. This traps heat and steam inside the container, which can reduce the amount of heat loss and evaporation that causes floating sous vide bags. It also maintains a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process for better overall results.

Sous vide bag floating is a common challenge with several solutions to help. In conclusion, it’s important to keep the bag fully submerged throughout the cooking process, no matter if you decide to use weights, vacuum seal, apply the double-bag method, try a rack or steel mesh, or cover the water bath with a lid or aluminum foil. By eliminating oxygen, you'll achieve precise temperature control and the consistently delicious results that sous vide cooking is known for. Bon appétit.

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