Perfect sous vide burgers with #anovafoodnerd Hadassa Lipskar

Perfect sous vide burgers with #anovafoodnerd Hadassa Lipskar

Food nerd fam, put your hands together for Hadassa Lipskar! Hailing from Brooklyn, by way of Miami, Hadassa is no stranger to the kitchen. One year ago, Hadassa made the leap into the world of sous vide cooking and joined the #anovafoodnerd fam. The rest is history! Hadassa is here today to share her recipe for perfect sous vide burgers with the whole food nerd fam.

Meet #anovafoodnerd Hadassa Lipskar

Growing up as the youngest child in a family that loved food, Hadassa was always interested in cooking. As she got older, her love for cooking only got stronger. After getting married, she found herself cooking more and more. She was looking for her next tool, and lo and behold she found it. One year ago, Hadassa heard about sous vide from a family member, and immediately became enamored with it's possibilities. She felt it could take her already strong set of skills to the next level. As a nursing student, she appreciates the flexibility snd ease of which sous vide helps her already busy lifestyle.

Changing the game

Hadassa says her favorite thing about sous vide is the ability to help someone succeed from day one. She says that repeated failure, no matter the aspect of life, can be a defeating feeling, but with sous vide you can be star as soon as you plug it in. Hadassa says those instant successes motivated her to learn more and more about the new tool she had in her arsenal. With a household that has meat with just about every meal, Hadassa says Anova has made weeknight meals highly successful.

"It changes the way everything in my household operates. And when my food is done, it's perfectly cooked egde-to-edge."

Family first

Often hosting large family meals, Hadassa raves about being able to perfectly cook a large roast for everyone to enjoy. Traditionally, her family has enjoyed stews, and other meals that fill the house with cooking smells. While that sounds nice to some, Hadassa says not everyone in her family enjoys that lingering scent. The ability to please everyone with a an expertly cooked meal, while keeping the aroma contained, Hadassa says, is a benefit, even if it might sound a little odd! Hadassa often whips up cheaper cuts of meat to please the crowd, and her guests are always impressed. She loves the ability to produce a juicy and tender cut for a reasonable price, especially compared to eating out.

Options are endless with Anova

When Hadassa's in the kitchen, she says she always has music playing. "I can't cook without music!" Futhermore, Hadassa loves that cooking with Anova allows the ability to create diversity within your own home. Living in Brooklyn, most apartments and homes don't have balconies or space for a grill, which limits some options done traditionally. With sous vide, she likes that you can create a perfectly cooked steak, and finish indoors in a cast-iron skillet and have an impeccable result.

No professional experience needed

When family members began to rave about Hadassa's cooking, she took a tremendous amount of pride in that. Recently, some family and friends suggested she start an Instagram focused on her creations. Hadassa was hesitant, with no professional culinary background. Whether Hadassa is showing off a succulent piece of seafood, or a tray full of juicy and tender burgers, she has has become a wizard of warm-water cooking.

Perfect sous vide burgers from Hadassa

Hadassa has whipped up this fantastic burger recipe for the whole food nerd family to enjoy! Hadassa uses the Anova to cook a mess of burgers at once, ensuring that every one of them turns out perfect. The super-simple recipe is sure to make your weeknight meal that much better, or scale it up to throw a cookout for the whole neighborhood. You can give Hadassa's recipe a try on the Anova recipes site, as well as find it on the Anova app. Finally, You can follow along with Hadassa's sous vide adventures on her Instagram at @bklyn_eats. Word on the street she is giving away an Anova device to one lucky follower! Contest starts this weekend, be sure to stay in the loop.
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