Super Simple Sous Vide Stuffing

Super Simple Sous Vide Stuffing

Sous vide stuffing is super simple with this recipe from #anovafoodnerd Liz Alstott of San Francisco. This sous vide stuffing recipe comes out full of fluff and flavor, giving you one less thing to worry about during all of the Thanksgiving culinary madness. More time toasting to Turkey Day with the family, less time cleaning up a cooking catastrophe. Liz is not only a diehard #anovafoodnerd, but she’s also one of our newest members of the Anova team in San Francisco. On a typical day, you'll find Liz hanging out with the food nerd family sharing her love of sous vide across our social network of nerds. When she's not tweeting with the food nerd fam, you can find Liz experimenting with all sorts of sous vide recipes in the Anova kitchen.

Meet the #anovafoodnerd: Liz Alstott

anovafoodnerd_facebook_18_blog Liz hasn’t always been the food nerd she is today. But when her son Luke was born, she took to the kitchen to make sure he was eating nutritious and high-quality home-cooked meals. Luke is an adorable little guy coming up on his second birthday. Getting Luke to eat veggies has always been a bit of a challenge for Liz. “He doesn’t like the soft, mushy texture and lack of flavor. He’s never been a huge fan of veggies and they’ll often end up on the floor,” Liz told me. It wasn’t until recently that he found an appreciation for vegetables, thanks to a new way his mom started cooking them. Luke is a huge fan of asparagus, his favorite recipe? . Get Liz and Luke's super simple recipe for sous vide stuffing for a Thanksgiving to remember as time well spent with family and friends, instead of stuck in the kitchen burning the stuffing while you're tending to the turkey.

Cooking Sous Vide with #anovafoodnerd Liz Alstott

sous_vide_stuffing When I first started cooking sous vide with my Precision Cooker, I thought it was a just meat machine. I learned how to make a really impressive steak–my favorite temperature 129ºF. I finally made pork chops that didn't have the consistency of a leather shoe. Early on, I had no idea how creative I could get with my Anova. I also discovered that I could completely eliminate my trend of burning everything I put in the oven. I now have a tool that cooks food to the perfect level of doneness and texture, every time. I am now considered a great cook in my family, but I am still able to spend time with my son without being stuck in the kitchen all evening. My mother has always told me, “If you can find a way to get a toddler to eat and enjoy asparagus, you are winning the mom game.”

Sous Vide Stuffing with #anovafoodnerd Liz Alstott

sous_vide_stuffing My favorite thing about this stuffing recipe is the flexibility. I made it the way I like it - super moist, tons of sage-y flavor, BACON. But all that you really need is the base of the stuffing and you are good to add whatever you want to make it your own. Add carrots, add apple chunks, add nuts...whatever your heart desires. Leave out the bacon and make it vegetarian with veggie broth, broil or sauté it for a little extra time to get it super crunchy - the options are endless. The sous vide factor allows you to 1) make it ahead of time and refrigerate in the bag until the day of, 2) get a creamy, flavor-packed result, 3) save oven space for other Turkey Day menu items. The full recipe for Sous Vide Stuffing is available at and in the Anova App. Oh, and if ya wanna be like Liz and take your food nerd out next-level, come check out Team Anova. We're on the hunt for awesome food nerds like you to come join our team. Join the miracle and join the team on our careers page. Plus, meet the nerd who made this super simple stuffing and send over your questions for her on the #anovafoodnerd community! See ya there, nerds!

Full Recipe for Sous Vide Stuffing

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