sous vide balsamic fig jam

DIY Gifts from Your Kitchen

Flip the script this holiday season with presents that say, "Yeah, I did that." Lean on your Anova kitchen to make merry. No experience needed to whip up flavorful French macarons and slow-cooked shortbread in the Precision™ Oven, or sous vide delicious cheese and cocktail accompaniments thanks to the Precision Cooker® Pro. Don’t let creativity stop there. Infuse mess-free vanilla extract and limoncello to bottle up and share with the Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

Items to Make Now and Gift Later

The Anova Precision Oven 

1. Eggnog French Macaroons
eggnog french macaroons2. Slow-Cooked Shortbread
slow-cooked shortbread3. Steam-Baked Sugar Cookies
steambakedsugarcookies4. Steam-Baked DIY Granola
steam-bakedDIYgranolaThe Anova Precision Cooker®

1. Sous Vide Balsamic-Fig Jam
sous vide balsamic fig jam
2. Sous Vide Coffee Liqueur 
coffeeliqueur3. Sous Vide Chili Agave Liqueur 
chiliagaveliqueur4. Sous Vide Honey-Ginger Shrub
honey ginger shrub

The Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Sealer

1. Quick Limoncello
quick limoncello
2. Martini Olives
martini olives
3. DIY Vanilla Extract
quick start vanilla extract

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