Chamber sealers have been invaluable to professional chefs because they achieve a reliable, airtight, mess-free seal — especially when it comes to sealing liquids. The Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Sealer brings that technology home at a fraction of the size and cost. The user-friendly interface and pre-programmed settings are designed to make it simple to cook like a pro. Using this technology, things like quick pickles, infused alcohols, flavored oils, and much more are easier than ever to accomplish right on your countertop.

Halibut in Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Expand your culinary skills with the power of pressure.

As the name implies, the Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer is a vacuum sealer. It quickly and very effectively seals foods to achieve an airtight seal. Beyond that, you have the ability to individually modify the vacuum and seal strengths. Using those variables, you can create the perfect sealing environment for any situation. For example, using a gentler setting is perfect when sealing things like fresh herbs; on the other hand, a more powerful setting is ideal for the airtight preservation of something like a chicken breast in marinade. We provide plenty of guidance on how to make these kinds of decisions in the recipes section.

But what else is possible with a pressurized chamber at your fingertips? Sealing aside, the Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum can be used to create rapid infusions and extractions, compress fruits and vegetables, make ultra-quick pickles, and even cool freshly baked bread in a matter of minutes. This is all thanks to the physics of low-pressure environments.

Pre-programmed settings

Using containers that are not vacuum seal pouches.

Jars and other shallow containers may be used for the purposes of infusing or pickling foods in liquid. In this case, you will not be aiming to actually seal the container and should NOT place the top on any jar or container being used to contain the infusing or pickling liquid - place all jars and containers in the container open/topless.

The width of the jar or container being used may be as wide as 3.5 by 8 inches (89mm by 20cm) and no more than 2.8 inches (75mm) tall.

Vanilla Extract with Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Infuse / Extract

How it works

This setting works because when the air is pumped out of the chamber, it creates a vacuum of lower pressure inside the cavity - physically changing the cells within the food. The pressure of the vacuum will pop the pockets of air and water in the food, and when that vacuum is released, the flavor molecules surrounding the food will fill those opened pockets. While this is actively happening, it's perfectly normal to see bubbling, as the air escapes out of the food. This enables flavorful molecules to be extracted out of certain foods or infused into others – perfect for quickly extracting flavors from fruits or other flavorful foods and infusing them into your favorite oils or alcohols. Think infused chili oil, DIY gin, limoncello, or even vanilla extract. These are all easy to achieve in a low-lying jar or dish within the chamber sealer, no pouch required.

pickle jars

Compress / Pickle

How it works

Fruits and vegetables are generally easy to compress under pressure because their cells contain tiny air pockets. The air in these pockets is removed in the same way that the air in the chamber is removed. The cell walls and plant tissue that hold the air in place then collapse, creating dense, unique textures in the food. We can harness both of these capabilities to quick-pickle — once air moves out of the plant cells, pickling brine can move in, saturating the plant cells with added flavor. As with infusions, this function can be easily achieved in a low-lying jar or dish within the chamber, and the liquid will bubble quite vigorously.

hydrated cookie dough

Dry / Cool

How it works

Under pressure within the chamber, the boiling point of moisture within hot food lowers drastically, pulling the moisture out, and encouraging rapid cooling. Use this program to boil the water off of products in the chamber (like a freshly baked loaf of bread) to speed the drying process and produce a crisper crust. This setting pulls a strong vacuum, which begins boiling the water contents inside at room temperature. Periodically, the program allows fresh air to enter the chamber so that the vacuum pressure is never drawn too low, causing unwanted expansion of trapped air bubbles.

The Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer comes with preset buttons for each of the above applications, making it easy to experiment at home. Try adding multiple cycles of pressurizing and venting to encourage higher flavor intensity – until you’ve reached the exact level you had in mind.