Introducing Anova Sous Vide Cologne!

Introducing Anova Sous Vide Cologne!


Tired of the same old scents and longing for a new signature smell? Look no further nerds, this new scintillating scent is changing the game. Introducing Anova Sous Vide Cologne, now you can cook AND smell like a pro!

Few smells in life are better than the aromas wafting from your kitchen when you're whipping up a meal, so why should we limit those smells to one room? We've developed a proprietary way to bottle your sous vide water to bring your favorite scents to life in every aspect of your day.

We do not take precision lightly. We developed this cologne with that same precision that we’re known for. You will smell exactly the same, all day, every day.

Imagine going all out at your morning cycling class, and over that last hill you are reminded of that perfectly-precise medium-rare ribeye from last weekend. That is the ultimate motivation.

For the low price of $41.19, you can bask in the scent of your favorite sous vide foods. Already good with your non-sous vide aroma, check out our cookers and accessories.

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Been living under a rock for the past 2,236 days? No worries.

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