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Anova Precision™ Vacuum Sealer

Other vacuum sealers are kinda blowing it.

Regular price €67,99
Regular price €89,00 Sale price €67,99
100-day Money Back Guarantee
Industry-leading 2-year warranty

Keeping with the “faster, stronger, smaller,” ethos at Anova, the Anova Precision® Vacuum Sealer combines fast air extraction with a strong reliable seal to create the ideal vacuum-sealed bags for sous vide cooking and all your food storage needs – and it’s small enough to stash away when not in use.

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Keep it fresh, food nerds.

Vacuum sealing is a super quick and easy way to extend the shelf life of most foods – especially if you plan on freezing it as well. Outside of using your sealer for sous vide cooking, you’ll find it endlessly useful for keeping things like fish, meats, cheeses, produce, and even grains or coffee as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Seal the deal.

Good at pressing a button? Well then you’re in luck. That’s all it takes to master this sealer in mere seconds and get a grade-A seal every single time. The team agrees it also sounds cool when extracting air, and is truly satisfying to watch at work.

  • Vacuum Sealer Sidekicks

    Whether preparing a meal for a table of one or a house full of guests, these bags and rolls can handle the job. Use them to meet all your sous vide cooking and food storage needs.

  • Bags

    Anova Precision™ Vacuum Sealer Bags are the only vacuum sealer bags designed specifically for sous vide use. They’re ultra-durable and oddly satisfying to watch decompress.

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  • Rolls

    Anova Precision™ Vacuum Sealer Rolls let you choose the size you need. Just like our Bags, they're durable for prolonged sous vide cooking, and they are fridge and freezer safe.

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Product Dimensions
425 x 122 x 79.7 mm, (16.73″ x 4.80″ x 3.14″), 1.04 kg (2.3lbs)
-0.5 bar
Extraction Rate
Plastic body
Industry-leading 2-year warranty

Cook with confidence. You’re cooking with the best.

Our track record says it all. Over 100 million cooks started and counting. A half a million #anovafoodnerds worldwide. With an industry-leading 2-year warranty the Anova Precision™ Vacuum Sealer is the only vacuum sealer you need. Period.