How #anovafoodnerd Erika Turk Landed Her Dream Job

How #anovafoodnerd Erika Turk Landed Her Dream Job


Not often can you say that you got your dream job from posting your favorite foods on Instagram. This is exactly what happened with Erika Turk, our previously featured food nerd!”

In January, Erika whipped up this plate of vegetarian vittles which grabbed the attention of a test kitchen. They contacted Erika about coming on board to be their sous vide queen and create killer recipes to share far and wide! Check out some of Erika's favorite dishes below.

Dreamy Dishes

From totally-tender tri-tip, to a downright delicious chocolate pot de creme, Erika has taken her sous vide strengths to new heights over the last year. She admits to being a perfectionist with her perfectly-cooked proteins and her saving grace is the precision of her Anova.

In January, Erika adapted one of her favorite recipes, Sous Vide Honey Glazed Carrots from fellow #anovafoodnerd J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, and shared it on Instagram. We immediately shared this on our Instagram account ( it's our most liked pic ever, with nearly 2,000 hearts!) and it caught the attention of a test kitchen in Texas. The rest, as Erika says, is history.

Dream Job

The president of the company started ooing and aahing over her Instagram account, and quickly reached out to Erika. The reason for that phone call? Discussing bringing her on to head up their ever-growing sous vide recipe development program.

The first time Erika went to visit she was convinced it was a joke mixed with all her wildest dreams! As she walked into the mammoth 10,000 sq foot test kitchen, she saw every piece of high-end kitchen equipment imaginable. She was immediately hooked, as they were on her and her vast sous vide knowledge, and left the facility with a new job in hand.

Day to day, Erika is responsible for developing sous vide dishes. Just in the last few weeks Erika's been tasked with drumming up delicious black cod and gojuchang and honey pork belly, both which were massive hits with all of her foodie coworkers. Having access to high-end commercial equipment hasn't changed her go-to cooking device either. Erika says she still reaches for her Anova Precision Cooker every time!

Shoot for the Sous Vide Stars

Erika admits it all still feels too good to be true. That she took a genuine love for cooking food with Anova, and turned it into a new career all seems unreal! She has a vast wealth of knowhow, and is a true asset to anyone seeking sous vide advice.

Be sure to check out Erika Turk on Instagram at @foodandfrenchies, and let her know how much you're digging her recipes! Tag your own cooks with #anovafoodnerd for a chance to be featured, or land YOUR dream job! Check out more recipes on the Anova Recipes Site, as well as the Anova App. Happy cooking, nerds!

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