Check Out How These Super Moms use Anova to Make Mealtimes Easy and Delicious

Check Out How These Super Moms use Anova to Make Mealtimes Easy and Delicious


On a daily basis, moms are juggling a thousand and one things to keep their households running smoothly and cooking is just one of those. Fast forward to dinner time…you just got home from work and start to prepare the food, then one child comes running in asking for a snack, the next minute the other little one is thirsty, then someone needs help with homework.

Using traditional cooking methods, any one of these small distractions could quickly turn your Monday night masterpiece into Monday night madness resulting in a last minute pizza run. If this sounds like I’ve just tapped into your Nest camera, then you’ll want to check out these #AnovaFoodNerd Super Moms who have mastered mealtime with the help of their Anova Precision® Cookers, serving up delicious and nutritious dishes night after night.

Mona Granucci; mom of an 8-year old girl; Arlington, MA

“This cooking method has allowed me the freedom of being with my family, friends and neighbors while still making spectacular dishes at home.”

I'm a wife and mom of an 8 year old daughter who lives outside Boston in the town of Arlington. I started cooking sous vide about two years ago because I wanted to know how to make Starbucks egg bites at home. What I did not know was that this would lead me into a new realm of both cooking precision and freedom. Working in Boston, it's often an hour or more of traffic to get home and get dinner going so it's extremely helpful if I've put something on either in the morning or mid-day if either my husband or I happen to be working from home that morning.

In the late spring, summer and early fall, it's common for the neighbors to be outside until 7 p.m., enjoying the weather, drinks and discussing our day while the children play outside. While this is all happening outside, I am still in the social mix and my food is cooking inside becoming more and more tender with time. The families usually retreat inside for dinner around 7:00 p.m. and the meat I've put into the sous vide bath is ready to be seared and served with whatever veggie I have on hand that I've tossed in the oven quickly to roast. Some of my fellow moms have noticed that they are outside with me and then moments later they see a picture with finished dinner where I added vegetables and other sides to a meat that I've been cooking sous vide.

This cooking method has allowed me the freedom of being with my family, friends and neighbors while still making spectacular dishes at home. I will admit that eating out has become more of a challenge as my 8 year old will now judge any steak cooked at a restaurant as "not being as good as mommy's" but of course mom needs a full break sometimes. I've recently converted a neighbor who is a mom of 3 with a newborn to the sous vide method. She's had the circulator for just a little over a week and I think she's used it several times. I feel like it's a real game changer for moms who want to participate in the neighborhood community and still make healthy, stress-free and delicious meals for their family.

Sharon Kompier; mom of an 8-year old girl; UK

“My Anova Precision Cooker is a part of my regularly used kitchen equipment helping me to feed my family tasty food”

My Anova helps not only in working out my weekly meals as I know I can cook from frozen so that I don’t need to plan for defrosting etc. My 8 year old daughter loves her medium rare beef, her medium pork and her juicy chicken all made easy cooking sous vide. Once a week my meal plan includes freezer surprise to use up things in my freezer. My Anova lets me reheat stew and curry from frozen without drying it out, or cook a piece of meat without having to defrost it first. My fussy daughter is now a fan of sous vide creme brulee, but would never order it in a restaurant! I can go on and on, but it is now part of my regularly used kitchen equipment helping me to feed my family tasty food.

I work full time as a product manager so the fire and forget nature is a godsend. Food wont get ruined if a conference call overruns!

Jan Nash; mother of 3 and grandmother of 4; Conyers, Georgia

“Anova takes away all fear of being able to pull off the impossible time after time.”

I can't say enough about my love for my Anova sous vide. Having used sous vide techniques in a professional setting, I was ecstatic when I was able to access this super power at home with such an affordable piece of machinery. I keep my Anova in a stand on my counter when not in use because the design is so attractive. I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of 4 so there are frequent gatherings for birthdays and holidays. My Anova takes away all fear of being able to pull off the impossible time after time. With the capacity to prep and cook ahead and bringing food items back to temp, is a breeze on the day of event. My family thinks I'm super women when they see the varied buffet of meats cooked to perfection and the sides that I'm able to produce from my kitchen. Thank you to the Anova team for creating such an indispensable product.

Bethany Merz; mom of two boys

“Anova has made putting dinner on the table so much easier.”

I am a mom with 2 boys (ages 6 and 10). I work full time and my husband works two jobs and is gone until 10pm 4 days a week. Because of work we get home about 6pm Monday through Friday and need to get dinner on the table asap. Since discovering sous vide and purchasing my Anova it has made putting dinner on the table so much easier. I now SV meat on the weekend or most of the time while I am at work, come home start my sides, pull the meat out, finish it off and have quality dinners on the table that are healthy and my kids love within 30 min. My oldest loves steak, ribs and pot roast & the Anova makes all of this so much easier. We are also going through a major remodel so being able to cook SV then finish on the BBQ has allowed me to still cook at home regularly.

Nancy MacNeil; mom of 6-year old girl

“Anova, that magical little wand, is a part of our family.”

I am a mom of an almost 6 year old little girl. For most of the year I am a stay at home mom who homeschools, but during the spring and summer for the past two years I’ve been working in construction with the hubby.

I work 10 hour days, six days a week and I’m in work boots and on my feet all day. It’s pretty exhausting. But that whole necessity of food thing never really stops no matter how tired and busy you are and because we are a family who loves to eat well, having less time to cook doesn’t mean we are willing to sacrifice quality meals. Everyday there are breakfasts, lunches and dinners to be enjoyed and sous vide prepping with our Anova certainly helps us achieve desired results so we can always eat like rockstars.

Anova is the champion in my corner. How else would we be able to eat silky and delicate egg bites for breakfast with such ease? Egg bites that blow a major coffee shop’s offerings out of the water mind you. I make a batch of egg bites consisting of gruyere, crumbled sausage and roasted red peppers. Pop them in the microwave for a minute and breakfast is served.

Lunches are packed the night before. Sandwiches and exquisite salads are prepared with the moistest sous vide chicken, steak, beef roast etc. And if we have ribs or wings leftover from dinner well we just wrap those up in foil and chow down. Do you think our coworkers are jealous when they see what we break out for lunch? You bet they are!

After a long day, lunch dishes have to be cleaned and dinner has to be eaten. With the delayed cook feature offered with the Anova wifi model, I can pop something into the sous vide bath before we leave early in the morning and I can monitor it with my phone via the app. It’s fabulous knowing I just have to put some finishing touches on dinner, make a quick side or two and restaurant quality food is served.

Anova is a device. A machine. A piece of technology. But it’s almost like that magical little wand is a part of our family. In fact, you know what, it IS a member of our family. We welcomed that baby into our home May of 2018 and we are so very glad we did.

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