Steam-Baked Chocolate Layer Cake

10 Valentine's Day Desserts

This Valentine’s Day, skip store-bought gifts for homemade confections. Between the perfectly regulated temperature sensors and even heat of the convection fan, the Anova Precision™ Oven will have you swooning over consistent baking times. And adding a burst of steam during certain bakes will both speed up cooking time and help keep moisture in your cookies and cakes — where it belongs. 

Commit to exact temperature control for impressive results, from airy genoise sponge cake to rich crème brûlée, minus the water bath. Fall in love with easy orange cranberry cookies using the convection feature, or set at a steady, low temperature for irresistible strawberry pavlova with perfectly baked white meringue. Eat your heart out.

Valentine's Day Desserts 

1. Steam-Baked Chocolate Layer CakeSteam-Baked Chocolate Layer Cake2. Chunky Chocolate BrowniesChunky Chocolate Brownies3. Steam-Baked Raspberry Lemon Pound CakeSteam-Baked Raspberry Lemon Pound Cake4. Steam-Baked Genoise Sponge CakeSteam-Baked Genoise Sponge Cake5. Steam-Baked Basque Burnt CheesecakeSteam-Baked Basque Burnt Cheesecake6. Slow-Cooked ShortbreadSlow-Cooked Shortbread7. Orange Cranberry CookiesOrange Cranberry Cookies8. Strawberry PavlovaStrawberry Pavlova9. Steam-Baked Chocolate Pots de CrèmeSteam-Baked Chocolate Pots de Crème10. Steam-Baked Vanilla Crème BrûléeSteam-Baked Vanilla Crème Brûlée

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