Sous Vide Smoked Chuck Roast with #anovafoodnerd and BBQ Expert Matt Pittman

Sous Vide Smoked Chuck Roast with #anovafoodnerd and BBQ Expert Matt Pittman

As the owner of Meat Church BBQ, I am as hardcore of a BBQ man as you can get. I also love my Anova, so why not combine the two to and take BBQ to the next level? I'm here to share one of my favorite sous vide and smoke combos: a rich, juicy, and tender chuck roast. I love smoking chuck roasts because they are a very economical way to make dinner. A decent size chuck roast only runs you around $15 and is a much cheaper alternative to buying a whole brisket and the end result is very similar. I prefer to smoke the meats first, then place them in the sous vide until they are fall-apart tender. This also helps the smokiness permeate throughout the protein. The thing I love about this method is that I can meal prep on a Sunday and have quick and delicious meals all week. I can smoke several different meats, chill them in my refrigerator and then drop them in the sous vide the day I want to serve them!

Sous Vide Smoked Chuck Roast


  • 1 large chuck roast, 3-4 pounds
  • Meat Church BBQ Seasoning. I prefer using The Gospel All Purpose BBQ Rub, but you can substitute our Fajita or Holy Cow beef seasoning as well. This works with any of your favorite BBQ rubs, but try us out I think you'll like us!
  • Beef broth for spritzing

Fire up your Smoker

Prepare your smoker or cooker at a temperature of 225°F/ 107°C. We used our Traeger pellet smoker loaded with hickory pellets. If you don’t have a smoker you can create a two zone fire on your charcoal grill or gas grill. To do this, light a fire on one side and cook the meat on the opposite side of the grill from the fire.

Rub that roast

Season both sides of the chuck roast liberally with your rub. Allow the rub to adhere for 15 minutes or so.
smoke the chuck roast

Smoke the chuck roast

Place the chuck roast on your smoker. Spritz the meat every hour with the beef broth. Continue to smoke the chuck roast until it gets a beautiful mahogany color. This should take around 3 hours. You want to make sure you pull the meat before it starts to turn dark. Remove the chuck roast when it looks like this and allow it to cool.
smoke the chuck roast
After it has cooled, place it in a vacuum sealed bag or Ziploc bag.
vacuum seal meat for sous vide

Prepare your Anova

Set your Precision Cooker to a temperature of 165°F/ 73.9°F and prepare for fall-apart beef.

Cooking the chuck

Drop the sealed beef into the water bath and let it ride for 18 hours. For a long cook I recommend covering your container to prevent evaporation.
finishing steps for sous vide

Finishing the beast

Remove the beef from the bag and pat it dry. Reserve the liquid from the bag. The meat should be completely fall apart tender. Using two forks, pull the beef apart and toss the beef in the juice you saved from the bag and mix to combine.
smoked chuck roast tacos
Now? The options are essentially limitless! Here in Texas we like to throw this super-tender and tasty beef on some fresh flour tortillas and make tacos with fresh guacamole and pico. You can also pile high on a bun for some down home comfort food, or eat it straight off the plate with your fingers. Be sure to check out the full sous vide smoked chuck recipe, available on the Anova Recipes Site and the Anova App. Sous vide and smoke, the ultimate combo! Try it out. anova-precision-cooker
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I usually prefer to sous vide then smoke to so that there is more of a bark – would you change any of the times/preparation if reversing the cook order?


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