Anova Precision Cooker

The Anova Precision Cooker is the perfect device for the home chef. It’s easy-to-use, lightweight, and connects to your smartphone, allowing you to cook the perfect meal with the touch of a button.


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The most advanced sous vide device ever.

The New Anova Precision Cooker Promises to Be the Best, Most Cost-Effective Sous-Vide Solution on the Market. J. Kenji Lopez, Serious Eats

Adjustable Clamp. No Minimum Water Height

Fully adjustable in height, allowing you to use your precision cooker in any pot you have.

Removable, Stainless Steel Skirt

Anova has a removable skirt, which allows you to take off the bottom and clean it in the dishwasher.


The unit is made of polycarbonate and stainless steel. Polycarbonate is a great material for kitchen appliances.

Stainless steel parts prevent rust and corrosion and last for ages.

Connectivity and Apps

The iPhone App makes it incredibly easy to cook with Anova. You simply find the food you’re cooking, adjust the settings if you’d like, and hit start. There’s no need to search for time and temperature settings. It will all be programmed into your phone.

Bluetooth Connected

The unit is Bluetooth enabled, which for the first time ever allows you to cook perfect meals with your smartphone.


Temperature Range

77°F to 210°F ± 0.01°F / 25°C to 99°C ± 0.01°C

Pump Speed

1 - 1.2 GPM 7-8 LPM (still optimizing)

Directional Pump

360 degree directional pump

Tank Capacity

4-5 Gallon 15-19 Liters


99 hours Max


Bi-Metal Fuse

Power Input

110-120VAC (220-240V EU)

Heating Power



Yes - Bluetooth wireless

Weight and Dimensions

  • Length: 2.75 in / 6.98 cm
  • Width: 2.75 in / 6.98 cm
  • Height: 14.75 in / 36.8 cm
  • Immersion Depth: 7.25 in / 18.415 cm
  • Max Clamp Opening: 1.25 in / 3.175 cm
  • Minimum Immersion Depth: 2.5 Inches / 6.35 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg

Inside the Box

  • Precision Cooker
  • Cord
  • Manual