Anova CES 2017 – Nerd Out Over Our Latest Hits

Head on down to the Anova CES 2017 booth and nerd out with Team Anova. The largest annual convention in Las Vegas is happening NOW and Anova is part of it! The Consumer Electronics Show draws almost 200k people annually. All of the latest, greatest new tech inventions designed for individual usage are brought to introduce to the world. This year, food nerds, Anova is bringing FOUR amazing new products to the market designed from the ground up with the food nerd fam in mind:
  • Discover the most cost-effective and compact little guy yet to join the Anova family–we’ve nicknamed it the Nano and it’s going to give you a chance to experience all the Anova quality for a very approachable $99 price tag!
  • Bring restaurant-level power into your home kitchen without the bulk in the Pro 2.0
  • Stay connected and keep on cookin’ no matter where you are with our redesigned WiFi model
  • Keep it super sleek and sexy with our highly anticipated connected countertop combi-oven, the Anova Precision Oven
Swing by our booth #41154 in the Smart Home section, Tech West, Sands Room D if you’re here! We have had the pleasure of meeting a number of our devoted fans and users already, and it really gives the team the warm fuzzies. We came all the way from our headquarters in San Francisco and relish the opportunity to talk with you, get feedback, and answer questions face to face. So, experienced #anovafoodnerd or just #sousvide curious, please stop in and say hello! We’d love to have you. And PS – It’s Chef Nicole’s birthday and she gives the best hugs, if you’re lucky…