Sous Vide Skills 101

Sous Vide Skills 101

Our job is making your job in the kitchen easier, and our hardware is just half the battle. Whether you're a well-seasoned #anovafoodnerd or a brand new user, cooking with an Anova Precision® Cooker or an Anova Precision® Oven, proper knowledge of how to effectively use your tools in the kitchen is key to an effortlessly delicious meal – no matter what you're cooking. With so many new Anova users joining us since the holiday season, we figured it'd be a great time to share some skills that are just as useful on your first cook as they are on your thousandth. Enjoy!

Start Here!

We'll start by kicking off the blog with Kevin and Carmen Koo taking you inside the fold and serving up some invaluable sous vide starter tips and tricks!

Where to Next?

Dinner. It happens everyday. Let us take some meal plan stress off of ya. Here ya go, dinner this week is now handled! Check out the recipes here!

Looking for searing help? Get everything you need to know!

Cooking sous vide is a foolproof way to ensure your food cooks perfectly, but learning how to amp up your seasoning technique will really take your meals to the next level!

Bonus Fun Stuff!

Feel comfortable with the basics? Time to have some real fun!

Checkout out these 8 sous vide cooker hacks!

Are you aware that there are also many other off-label and weird ways to use your Precision Cooker? Here is a blog with our favorite sous vide hacks!

Cocktail time! Infuse some spirit into your next cook with wicked-tasty sous vide cocktails.

Interested in using your sous vide in the most sustainable way? Check out our 4-part series here.

Wanna dive in and start with some labor intensive recipes? These are well worth the wait and the effort!

More Recipes!

As always, you can find the largest collection of sous vide recipes on the planet at our website and Anova Culinary App. If you are looking to connect with the #anovafoodnerd community, you can join our Community Site and Facebook Group!
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