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Anova Precision™ Cooker Insulated Container

The Cadillac of containers.

Regular price €179,00
Regular price Sale price €179,00

This is the container all the other containers want to be when they grow up. A fully insulated steel sous vide cooking vessel with quality you can feel. We designed this countertop juggernaut to look as good in action as it does just sitting there waiting for the next cook. Made to fit any of our Anova Precision® Cookers, this container is guaranteed to be a new favorite in your arsenal of sous vide tools.

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Two walls are better than one.

When cooking, heat retention is the name of the game, and stainless steel double-walled insulation ensures you’re on the winning end of that game. By utilizing this insulation, the Anova Precision™ Cooker Insulated Container is able to reduce pre-heat time by up to 15% and improve heating efficiency by up to 70%.

We’ve got this covered.

When water gets hot, it tends to try and leave us for the cool air above – not great for maintaining temp. In an effort to minimize evaporation and any resulting heat loss, a thoughtfully designed stainless steel lid covers the container, ensuring you retain as much water vapor as possible during your sous vide cook. It’s hinged for easy access to your food and coated in silicone to make sure it never gets too hot to handle.

Collars – no longer just for fancy shirts.

Three included silicone collars make sure your Anova Precision® Cooker will sit flush in the container with little to no room for evaporation to escape. Simply pick the corresponding collar to your cooker of choice, set it on the container opening, and boom – you’re good to go.


Product Dimensions
463 x 336 x 241 mm| (18.25 x 13.25 x 9.5″)
20 L (21.13 Q)

Cook with confidence. You’re cooking with the best.

Our track record says it all. Over 100 million cooks started and counting. A half a million #anovafoodnerds worldwide. With an industry-leading 2-year warranty the Anova Precision Cooker is the only sous vide you need. Period.