The #anovafoodnerd family is nerding out with Mom this Mother's Day

The #anovafoodnerd family is nerding out with Mom this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day we should shower Mom with gifts and let her kick back and relax while we cook her an amazing meal.For some, you might be lucky enough to enjoy her company while she provides you with an epic meal (because she just loves cooking with her Anova, of course!). Nothing says love like good food. A few members of the #anovafoodnerd family shared their plans for the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend and how they're celebrating with Mom. Check out how these food nerds and food nerd mommas are using Anova to make the day extra memorable.

Meet Em Tantau from U.A.E.

anovafoodnerd-em-t Em Tantau, who lives in United Arab Emirates proclaims she's the world’s biggest and newest #anovafoodnerd. She loves to travel, hailing from Australia before making the move to Dubai. Her mom still resides in Australia, so she needed the perfect Mother's Day gift that would enable her and her Mom to share something special together. So, this Mother's Day, she's sharing the gift of pro-level cooking with Mom by bringing her into the food nerd family with her very own Anova. “I live halfway across the globe from my family and love of food has been a key part of keeping us in touch. I'm sending Mum an Anova for Mother's Day all the way to Australia." You can check out Em's sous vide adventures on Instagram @emtanty . From the looks of Em's dishes, her Mom is going to have a great teacher at her disposal.

Meet Anthony Spizale from New Orleans

Anthony Spizale, one of our favorite food nerds (be sure to give him an Instagram follow as well @chefspizale) has big plans to serve up a sous vide spread to his mother and to his wife and mother of their children. He's using Anova to enable him to spend more time with his family, and less time in the kitchen. Anthony says he's looking for ways to, "eat real food that is flavorful, moist, plump, or tender so I don’t have to be too involved in the kitchen," and Anova allows him just that, and more. He’s gonna kick off the day by offering up a Louisiana favorite. He plans on serving loved ones sous vide Chicken Clemenceau, alongside some fresh gulf shrimp. He'll take the chicken for a swim for an hour at 145°F/62.8°C before searing in cast-iron. Pairing that with the shrimp (135°F / 57.2°C for 30 minutes), and adding some peas, mushrooms, and potatoes. For dessert, he has plans to cap off the celebration with some mason jar treats. No stranger to great meals, Anthony loves to cook, especially for his family. With Anova, he can focus his attention on his Mom, and serve up a perfectly cooked meal with no worry.

Meet Aly Romero from the Bay Area

anovafoodnerd-aly-r Aly Romero simply can't get enough of her Anova. She's showing Mother's Day who's boss and taking the kitchen by storm with Anova as her sidekick. She is spending her day cooking delicious meals for her family, because she loves to cook and she loves using her Anova. Planning a special brunch, as well as dinner, Aly says the Anova allows her to focus on the family while still making sure the meal is a perfect as she planned.

"My husband will probably jump in to give me a break...if he can keep me out of the kitchen!"

She plans on whipping up sous vide eggs benedict for brunch. She'll perfectly poach the eggs at 147°F / 63.9°C for one hour before layering them high with homemade hollandaise and Canadian bacon. For dinner, she plans on serving thick cut pork chops, cooked at 135°F / 57.2°C for 1 1/2 hours before searing in her cast-iron pan. Aly loves cooking with her Anova and for that reason, she says she has no plans to let her husband help! You can follow along Aly's ever-expanding Anova adventures at @alyromero.

Meet Joanna Berkovitz from Canada

anovafoodnerd-joanna-b Aly isn't the only food nerd momma! Joanna Berkovitz, on Instagram at, has the kitchen all to herself too. With plans to whip up a beef tenderloin for her family, she has her sights set high. All she has to is set the Anova to 130°F / 54.4°C, walk away for an hour and a half, and enjoy a perfectly cooked meal that would cost $50 in a restaurant! Joanna admits that at first, she was skeptical of the sous vide process, but gushes that now she can't keep quiet about its (really, her!) abilities. She's so confident in the kitchen now with her Anova, and says her kids even eat their sous vide veggies. AND, they'll ask for seconds! As you can see, the food nerd love spreads worldwide. No matter who is cooking, the meal is sure to be special. There is nothing that says love like sharing food with the ones we love. Bring Mom into the #anovafoodnerd family this year with her own Anova and share the food nerd love, together. From everyone at Anova, Happy Mother's Day!
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