sous vide turkey

3 Ways to Turkey


Holiday meal planning doesn’t have to be hard, but we’re well aware some food nerds love a challenge. Whether you’re a combi oven owner or sous vide fanatic, there’s more than one way to reach turkey Nirvana this holiday season.

Cook a traditional dry-brined bird on convection roast as the easiest solution, or test your skills with turkey Wellington for a wealth of classic Thanksgiving flavors in one dish. The sous vide method delivers reliable results, plus deep roasted flavors and crispy skin. Cook with confidence at any level thanks to your Anova tool of choice.

3 Innovative Options for Turkey Prep

1. Traditional Dry-Brined Turkey

sous vide turkey
2. Sous Vide Turkey Breast Roulade with Crispy Skin
kenji sous vide turkey
3. Turkey Wellington
sous vide turkey


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