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Ice Bath Setup is coming back to the Anova App...and it's better than ever

A few months ago, we removed Ice Bath Setup from the app to do some work on it. We wanted to make a few upgrades and implement learnings we received from all of you through the original version of the feature. After removing it, our food nerds spoke up and we saw what an important part of the experience it truly was for our WI-FI users. So, we hustled to get this feature back in the app and better than ever, and we know you're going to love it.

Our New Version of Ice Bath Setup Will Feature Voice Integration

Ice Bath Setup is returning to the Anova Culinary App next month with an entirely redesigned experience that will include voice integration. Use the app, Google Home or Alexa to walk through–or, talk through–the process of setting up the perfect ice bath. The new and improved ice bath feature will make it easier than ever to get pro-level results, every day.

Ice Bath Setup in Action

Here's essentially what you can expect from Ice Bath Setup when using the Alexa Skill. (We're still making a few tweaks.) Cool note - one of our food nerds from reddit joined us to make this happen. This video is one of his ice bath tests on Alexa:

Your Voice Matters to Us

Food nerd family, it's because you spoke up that we realized what an important part of the experience Ice Bath Setup is. We're extremely appreciative for the feedback and insight that you've all shared with us. It enabled us to build out an even better Ice Bath Setup experience built for, and even by, our users. Voice integration features will be available this month. These features are only compatible with the the Anova Precision Cooker WI-FI.

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