Quick Guide to Cooking Sous Vide Eggs with Anova

Eggs, possibly one of the most versatile foods in existence. We use them in baking, we use them in desserts, we use them in breakfasts all across the world. We poach, we fry, we bake, we scramble…the preparations are endless. Eggs can be finicky when cooked traditionally, overcooking or undercooking in a matter of seconds one way or the other. Poached eggs can be a messy nightmare and everybody knows it. Want the best eggs ever? With the precise temperature control of Anova, you can make sure the egg turns out exactly how you want them. A change as small as two degrees results in an entirely different texture as you’ll see below. With Anova’s accuracy within 0.01°, you can ensure your eggs turn out exactly how you want them time after time with no guessing games. It’s all about precise temperature. Eggs are like any other food, and at certain internal temperatures have different characteristics than at other temperatures. A change in just a few degrees can impact your results dramatically. To get exactly what you want with your eggs, you need down-to-the-degree precision temperature control. Get started with some epic eggs with these time and temperature combinations that will help you take your egg game to the next level. All eggs were standard grocery store large sized eggs cooked straight from the refrigerator. After cooking, each egg was cracked directly from the shell onto the plate, no finishing steps required! Find your favorite combo below.

145°F / 62.8°C for 45 minutes


  • Yolk is runny
  • Whites that are barely set

145°F / 62.8°C for 1 hour


  • Yolk is runny, and has a semi-thick jam-like consistency.
  • Whites set, and are more firm.

145°F /62.8°C for 1.5 hours


  • Yolk is very thick and creamy.
  • Tighter whites, close to fully set.

 147°F / 63.9°C for 45 minutes


  • Yolk has a thick custard like texture and is spreadable.
  • Whites closer to fully set.

167°F / 75°C for 13 minutes


  • Yolk is very thick with a fudge-like consistency and is not runny.
  • Fully set whites.

Which Egg is Best?

That’s up to you! With five unique time and temperature combinations, there is an egg for everyone. Pick your favorite result and get to cracking! Whether you’re topping a decadent Eggs Benedict dish for a special-occasion brunch, or throwing on some toast for a tasty-breakfast on the go, it’s easier than ever to deliver impeccably cooked eggs. Be sure to check out more killer sous vide recipes on our recipes site, and on the Anova Culinary App. Have a favorite time and temp for eggs we didn’t cover? Leave it in the comments below and tell us why you love it!