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Update on User Accounts

Here’s what happened with user accounts . . .

We recently released a new version of our app. To use this new version, you must set up a user account by entering and verifying your email address and a password. Why the change? Voice control. You can use your Anova with Google Voice and in the near future, Anova will be a skill within the Amazon Echo skill ecosystem. Users can only use Amazon Echo and Google Voice integration if they have a user account, so we implemented user accounts for all app users. Our mistake – we made user accounts mandatory.  After rolling out our latest app update, it became apparent that this mandatory requirement is unfair. We’re sorry. We just dumped a requirement on our community without giving you a choice.

Here’s what we’re doing about it . . .

We’re working on an app update, which we hope to have available within the next two weeks, where user accounts will be optional and less burdensome. You’ll be able to access recipes and control your cooker via Bluetooth without having a user account in place. However, if you have a Wi-Fi device, you’ll still need to have a user account in place for remote cooking. We’re sorry to have to impose this requirement on Wi-Fi users, but we’re implementing new security features that will rely on user accounts. Thanks again for your support and understanding. Sincerely, Stephen Svajian Chief Executive Officer