We’re changing the way you cook.

We’re an extremely passionate team that’s using science and technology to make it easy and affordable to cook like a pro.

We are proud of the device we have created. Precise. Consistent. Simple. We are proud of the #AnovaFoodNerd community we have inspired. We believe everyone has a seat at the table and engage with our customers and our employees in open and transparent dialogue.


Most importantly, we’ve learned along the way that Anova is more than just a device. It’s a way to transform everyday cooking into a meaningful, personal and positive experience. It’s a way to connect – with your family, with your friends, and with your community. By making it simple to cook like a pro, you can focus on what really matters.

Meet the team behind Anova

Steve Svajian, Co-founder and CEO

Steve Svajian

Co-founder and CEO
Melissa Galicia, CFO

Melissa Galicia

Bill Clark, VP, Customer Experience

Bill Clark

VP, Customer Experience
Michael Tankenoff - Chief Revenue Officer

Michael Tankenoff

Chief Revenue Officer
Scott Heimendinger - Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Heimendinger

Chief Marketing Officer
Håkan Messler, VP, R&D

Håkan Messler

Goran Jovicin, Finance

Goran Jovicin

Harry Lees, Head of New Concept Development

Harry Lees

Head of New Concept Development
Tony Scarzo, Head of Products and Programs

Tony Scarzo

Head of Products and Programs
Ruth Townsend, Senior Forecasting Analyst

Ruth Townsend

Senior Forecasting Analyst
Ram Prashanth, Senior Manager, Supply Chain & Logistics

Ram Prashanth

Senior Manager, Supply Chain & Logistics
Philip, Director of Turtlenecks


Director of Turtlenecks
Rocky, Executive In Charge of Lakeside Operations


Executive In Charge of Lakeside Operations
Adi Vivekanandan, Logistics Associate

Adi Vivekanandan

Logistics Associate
Michelle Kim, Controller

Michelle Kim

Jonathan Beckman, Product Manager

Jonathan Beckman

Product Manager
Lindsey Brink, Retail Account Manager

Lindsey Brink

Retail Account Manager
Nelly Do, People Experience Manager

Nelly Do

People Experience Manager
Chris Cereske, Senior Staff Engineer

Chris Cereske

Senior Staff Engineer
Connor O'Callaghan, Web Engineering Manager

Connor O’Callaghan

Web Engineering Manager
Trey Summers, Customer Success Manager

Trey Summers

Customer Success Manager
Daniel Colgan, Full Stack Engineer

Daniel Colgan

Full Stack Engineer
Jason Lang, UX Design Manager

Jason Lang

UX Design Manager
Danny Hurley, Senior Staff Engineer

Danny Hurley

Senior Staff Engineer
Milo, Chief Nap Officer


Chief Nap Officer
Izzy, Chief Snack Officer


Chief Snack Officer
Murphy, Director of Lawn Inspection


Director of Lawn Inspection
Walter, Senior International Tax Consultant


Senior International Tax Consultant
Andrew Beckman, Engineering Manager

Andrew Beckman

Engineering Manager
Cole Wagoner, Social Media Manager

Cole Wagoner

Social Media Manager
Vlad Ondruska, Paid Acquisition Manager

Vlad Ondruska

Paid Acquisition Manager
Diana Magus, Email Marketing Manager

Diana Magus

Sales Operations Associate
Brandon Splane - Associate Marketing Manager

Brandon Splane

Marketing Manager
Dusty, Canine Culture Consultant


Canine Culture Consultant
Taco, Senior Manager for Treats


Senior Manager for Treats
Amelia Wang - Senior Manager, Research and Customer Insights

Amelia Wang

Senior Manager, Research and Customer Insights
David Liu - Customer Success Associate

David Liu

Customer Success Associate
Julie Friar, Digital Marketing Designer

Julie Friar

Digital Marketing Designer
Kirill Morozov, Senior Software Engineer

Kirill Morozov

Senior Software Engineer
Dean Wong, Sr. Retail Account Manager

Dean Wong

Sr. Retail Account Manager
Anastasia Plotnikova, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Anastasia Plotnikova

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
Austin Lewis, PR & Communications Manager

Austin Lewis

PR & Communications Manager
David R. Perry, IT & Facilities Manager

David R. Perry

IT & Facilities Manager
Jayne Anyabolu, Community Manager - Italy

Jayne Anyabolu

Community Manager – Italy
Alex Gemmeke, Community Manager - Germany

Alex Gemmeke

Community Manager – Germany
Magdalena Vallejo, Community Manager - Spain

Magdalena Vallejo

Community Manager – Spain
Bradley Riley, Community Manager - UK

Bradley Riley

Community Manager – UK
Angela Hernandez, Customer Success

Angela Hernandez

Customer Success
Rikka Bren Villaster, Customer Success

Rikka Bren Villaster

Customer Success
Latesha Bryant, Customer Success

Latesha Bryant

Customer Success
Kristofer Cruz, Customer Success

Kristofer Cruz

Customer Success
Karla Reyes, Customer Success

Karla Reyes

Customer Success
Jona De Guzman, Customer Success

Jona De Guzman

Customer Success
Petey, Ambiturning Botanist Super Model


Ambiturning Botanist Super Model
Elaine Beltran, Customer Success

Elaine Beltran

Customer Success
Jocelyn Damian, Customer Success

Jocelyn Damian

Customer Success
Cristy Jean Dajao, Customer Success

Cristy Jean Dajao

Customer Success
Shermie Lopez, Customer Success

Shermie Lopez

Customer Success
Carlo Tomeldan, Customer Success

Carlo Tomeldan

Customer Success
Peter Chua, Customer Success

Peter Chua

Customer Success

Join the team.

We believe in lively debate and collaboration. We’re not believers in job titles. Results do the talking. We’re transparent and believe in candor. We believe we can always be better. We have fun. We’re looking for people interested in living and creating the Anova Way.Check out our open positions