Sous Vide Smoked Pulled Pork from #anovafoodnerd Matt Pittman

Sous Vide Smoked Pulled Pork from #anovafoodnerd Matt Pittman

As a well-known BBQ guru, Matt Pittman of Meat Church BBQ knows what it takes to go low and slow. Normally cooking at 250°F / 121°C in any one of his army of smokers, he still takes the time to whip up crazy-delicious food with his other favorite cooking love: his Anova! Join along as Matt shows the #anovafoodnerd family how he takes pulled pork to the next level, and makes it easier than ever, by combining his two favorite cooking methods: smoking and sous vide.

Sous Vide Smoked Pulled Pork

What you'll need:
  • 8-10 pound pork shoulder (smaller is fine, just adjust smoke time to around 3 hours)
  • Meat Church Honey Hog Rub (or your favorite rub...but trust us, get some Meat Church!)
  • Yellow mustard


1. Rub pork shoulder with yellow mustard to help rub adhere to meat. 2. Season pork with Meat Church Honey Hog (or choice of rub). 3. Place pork on smoker at 250°F / 121°C for 3-6 hours depending on size. Smoke for a few hours until internal temperature reaches 150°F / 65.5°C and the exterior has nice color and caramelization. 4. After a few hours have passed, remove pork from smoker or grill. 5. Set Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 165°F / 73.9°C. 6. Place pork in large vacuum bag, or ziplock resealable bag. If needed, you can split the pork into separate pieces to fit in bags! 7. Place in preheated water bath and cook for 18 hours. 8. When pork is done cooking, remove from bag, shred with a fork (it'll be SO tender!) and serve however you choose! Matt's favorite pairing is on a soft bun with some pickled and a nice tangy cole slaw.

Time to Eat!

Matt loves the ability to only have to smoke for a fraction of the time a pork shoulder would normally take on the smoker, and then gets that ultra-tender and super-juicy finish that only Anova can offer. Whether it's brisket, ribs, pulled beef, or countless other delicious meats, combining sous vide and smoke is a winning combo! You can check out the step by step recipe here, as well as on our recipes site, as well as the Anova Culinary App! Happy cooking, nerds.
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