Anova iOS App 1.0

Hello Anova Community! We’re very excited to announce that you can now download the Anova Culinary app from the iTunes store and begin operating your device, browsing through our carefully curated recipes, and customizing the way you sous vide using your Precision Cooker! )   With the first version of the app, we’re not only unlocking the full bluetooth capabilities of your Precision Cooker, but also introducing you to our incredible content partners who will be providing you with the sweet, savory, and sensational sides of sous vide cooking. Our carefully crafted list of partners include James Beard award winning chefs, renown cookbook authors, food editors, television personalities, and more. The first build of the app includes the following key features:
  • Operates the device remotely when connected and within range (set your time, temperature, and toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius).
  • Calibrates the Precision Cooker temperature to the nearest .01 degree F/C.
  • Choose a recipe and press play! Once you’re paired with the device, simply select what you’d like to cook and press play to automatically set the device to the required time and temperature settings.
Feedback: The app is just the beginning, and will continue to grow leaps and bounds beyond this first build with your help. We cannot wait to iterate and expand on the feedback we’ve already received and begin building in the amazing content partners and features we already have lined up for version 2.0. While you may not be able to see it, we believe our backers have helped shape the future of our company. We’d love your feedback on the app as it continues to evolve. Please send your app feedback to Each email will be sent to our product management team and will be reviewed for potential inclusion in a future build. Ready for dessert?  We’ll be pushing through updates beginning in the next few weeks that will add the following features to the app: home_screen_2.0_600x1148 (2)
  • Push notifications for when your Precision Cooker begins preheating, and when water has been brought up to temperature.
  • A comprehensive time and temperature reference guide.
  • In-app video’s featuring content from the James Beard and Emmy award winning Chef Ming Tsai. 
Android’s on Deck: We’re beginning to work on the Android version of the app now. We’re so sorry that it’s taken this long. We’d love to give you a concrete date of when the Android app will be available but don’t yet have a good enough projection at this time. We’ll update you in the next couple weeks when we have a better estimate around its timing. In the meantime we recommend trying out the Anova Remote app, currently available on Google Play. Within the Community: Thank you again for your incredible support and feedback as you explore cooking with your Precision Cooker. A few important things to note moving forward:
  • Please direct all app related feedback to
  • For all other inquiries, please contact This is important so we can track all inquiries within our system and make sure that all order, repair, and other issues are linked to your original order. We apologize if you have previously submitted an inquiry via Kickstarter, please send a note to our support channel and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Thank you again for being part of this incredible story and helping us pioneer the world of Sous Vide for the home chef. Team Anova