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Doing good never felt so good. Proceeds from each sale of (ANOVA)ᴿᴱᴰ products help to support life-saving programs for communities most in need.*

*5% of the purchase price from all (ANOVA)ᴿᴱᴰ Precision Cookers goes directly to the Global Fund, with a minimum guaranteed donation of $200,000.
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As a brand rooted in making pro-level kitchen tools accessible to everyday users, accessibility and equity are at the heart of who we are as a company.

Since 2006, (RED) has partnered with the world’s most iconic brands to fight AIDS. Today, they have expanded their mission to also fight the urgent threat of COVID and its devastating impact on communities most in need.

Anova is proud to partner with (RED) and support its fight to strengthen global health systems and support life-saving programs.

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Sous Vide (pronounced “sue-veed”) is a cooking technique that enables precision temperature control. Used by professionals for decades, it works by circulating heated water in a pot, cooking food to the exact set temperature. There’s only a 3º difference between a rare and medium-rare steak, so precision means perfection.

This simple and approachable technique eliminates overcooked, dried out food and ensures edge-to-edge perfection every time you cook!

Anova Precision® Cookers Perfect results, every time

Three simple steps to the perfectly cooked meal.

Anova Precision® Cookers The Perfect finish
The perfect finish.

After sous vide, sear your protein in a cast iron pan or on the grill for a perfectly crispy exterior.

More than just a perfect steak

Whether it's steak, chicken, fish, vegetables, or even crème brûlée, sous vide gives you results that are impossible to achieve with any other method. And no matter what you're cooking, we've got the perfect recipe.

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