Chamber Vacuum Pouches

100 pouches for just $29.00

Designed just for chamber sealing.

Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Freezer safe — less waste, more chill.

These pouches are built for long-term food storage and are freezer safe. Vacuum sealing deprives your food of oxygen, which prevents freezer burn and bacteria growth. This is important for long-term food storage, leading to less food wasted and more dollars saved.

Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Pouches

No nasty stuff.

Eat at ease — we've ensured that all Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Pouches are 100% food-safe, free from harmful BPA plastics, and can safely withstand multi-day cooks and boiling temperatures up to 4 hours. The only thing leaving this pouch is whatever you put in.

Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Pouches

Every little bit counts.

Because chamber sealers don't suck air directionally, their pouches don't require internal mesh liners needed by edge sealer bags to achieve an airtight seal. This means they require less plastic to produce, resulting in a far more affordable alternative.

Plastic Bank

Affordable, plastic-neutral pouches.

Chamber sealer pouches don’t require the internal mesh grooves needed by edge sealer bags, which results in an overall more affordable alternative. To sweeten the deal, these chamber sealer pouches are 100% plastic neutral thanks to our partnership with Plastic Bank. For each box we sell, the equivalent amount of ocean-bound plastic is collected and processed for reintroduction into the global supply chain. Learn more at Plastic Bank.

Use with the Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Reliably achieve an airtight, mess-free seal — even when sealing liquids. The Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Sealer brings pro-level sealing technology to your home at a fraction of the size and cost, with plenty of preset modes to do far more than just sealing.

Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Pouches


Product Dimensions

280mm x 250mm | 11.0 x 9.8 in


Only compatible with the Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Sealer and other chamber-style sealers. Not for use with edge sealing vacuum sealers.


100 Anova Precision™ Chamber Vacuum Pouches.


Food-safe and free from harmful BPA plastics.

Fridge and Freezer-safe

Perfect for storing your food. Safely go straight from the fridge or freezer to sous vide.