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Announcing a New Mobile App

We’re happy to share what we’ve been working on with our #anovafoodnerdsWe will be shipping a new mobile app this summer. Late last year, we began working on completely rewriting our mobile app and we’re excited to say that this newer, better app is almost ready for primetime.


Sous Vide Tempered Chocolate from #anovafoodnerd Eddie Rozenblat

Hello, my name is Eddie and I’m a chocolate addict…

One of my biggest weaknesses is chocolate, so this experiment was both exciting and fattening for me…

There are several traditional tempering methods which involve heat measurements, seeding or tabling using continuous movement.

I decided to temper chocolate while staying in my comfort zone (sous vide), and the results were pretty good.


Meet the Anova Madness Elite Eight!

March may be over, but Anova Madness is just beginning to heat up. With over 200 entries, we are now down to the Elite Eight – the best of the best #anovafoodnerd dishes of the year. Here’s a first hand look at your fellow #AnovaFoodNerds (in no particular order).

Check out their wicked sous vide dishes, as they share their recipes, with commentary on their Anova sous vide journey.


This Holiday Season…Put a Lid On It

It’s lid’t nerds!

We’re super-pumped to announce that the Anova Precision Cooker Lid is available for purchase. Covering your sous vide pot ensures maximum efficiency for your Anova essentially eliminating any evaporation.

Sleep easy when you’re cooking that perfect overnight chuck roast, knowing that your cook will wont be interrupted by low water levels.


Your Total Sous Vide Turkey Guide

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and we’re here to make your day more delicious – and easier than ever. Check out the recipes below to nail your Thanksgiving centerpiece – whether you want a whole bird, a smoked and sous vide breast, or just juicy dark and white meat cooked separately, we got a recipe for you! (more…)

Want a wicked sear? Grab the mayonnaise!

You pull that perfectly juicy steak from the water bath. All that’s left between you and heaven is a quick sear to crisp up the crust. We’ve heard of all the common methods: canola oil, butter, etc. What if we told you there’s a better way? Mayonnaise. Yes. When mayo is suggested an option, people usually stop listening – but before you brush past this method, hear us out.

There are good reasons this popular sandwich spread produces a superior sear. Learn more below and unlock the secrets to some seriously superb sears.


Multicook Status Update

Hey There Food Nerds,

Here at Anova we’ve been working to evolve our digital properties to support a growing community of food nerds and new features to make it even easier to cook restaurant-quality meals at home.

In light of this, we are taking a very realistic look at the state of our current technology and the steps we need to take to deliver the best experience for our customers in the long-term. We have decided to focus the next few months on building out the underlying technology necessary to continually update, improve, and release new features in a sustainable way.