Super Simple Sous Vide Cheesecake


Sous vide cheesecake is super simple with this recipe from #anovafoodnerd Chef Spizale of New Orleans. Plus, get the lowdown on his sous vide blueberry topping. Chef Spizale is a pro in the kitchen, but he doesn’t let that stop him from exploring new recipes and experimenting with sous vide. He’s created some crazy awesome recipes with his Anova, taking the complexity out of many challenging dishes and sharing the process with his fellow food nerds. Chef Spizale uses his Anova to make super simple yet amazingly delicious food, so the rest of us can literally cook like a pro. And for that, we thank him.

Super Simple Sous Vide Octopus by Frank Scholz

sous-vide octopus

Cooking sous vide octopus at home might sound a bit intimidating, but with help from our #anovafoodnerd family, it can be quite simple to nail this seemingly formidable yet impressive dish. Since octopi are invertebrates, they develop super strong connective tissue throughout their muscles. Thus, cooking these tough little suckers to tenderness can be, well, tough. Consequently, you may find yourself chewing and tearing at a tentacled, rubbery result without the right method to break down that stubborn connective tissue. That’s where sous vide comes in.

Our #anovafoodnerd fam rocks. Get to know one of our favorite food nerds, Cole Wagoner.

#anovafoodnerd Cole Wagoner

Cole Wagoner is crushing it in the kitchen and has become a pretty hardcore #anovafoodnerd, sharing his crazy good sous vide food photos with the fellow food nerds on Instagram almost daily. He developed a deep appreciation and high expectations for the quality of food during his years living in Portland, a city with some serious food game. When Cole met the girl of his dreams, he followed her across the country from his beloved home state of Oregon, to a small town in Alabama. The only thing missing seemed to be the glorious abundance of grub he’d previously enjoyed, which took a bit more of a drive to find in his new neck of the woods. So began Cole’s journey for the perfect kitchen tool companion to help him recreate food experiences from the comfort of his home, while snapping epic food photos along the way.


The First Cooking Device in the Apple Store


During the past two years, we’ve worked tirelessly to build a product that people love for a community that we love. Our community has been with us every step of the way in spreading the word, providing thoughtful feedback, and even allowing us in their homes to learn about their experience first-hand. In addition to our community, Apple has consistently supported our vision and believed in our product. They reached out to help us create an incredible experience for our customers. They never asked for anything in return, but just acknowledged that we “think different.”

Thanksgiving Turkey Testing with The Food Lab


I remember the first time I tried to cook a turkey sous vide for thanksgiving way back in 2007. I bagged my bone-in, skin-on breast separately from a couple of turkey legs, threw some big hunks of pork fat in for good measure, then cooked the legs and the breast—at 165°F and 145°F, respectively—all day and all night before removing them from the bags, searing it all off, and serving it the next day. It was an unqualified failure. Not only was the breast meat dry and the leg meat tough, but getting the skin to crisp properly involved creating a greasy, smoky haze in the kitchen, all while trying to chat with family members and drink my bourbon and beer. On top of that, the thing ended up tasting like, well, like pan-seared sous vide turkey, with none of the deep, roasty aromas you get from a typical holiday bird.

I’ve learned a lot since then, and I’ve been steadily tweaking my methods to produce better and better sous-vide-style roast turkey. I think I’ve finally nailed it, and the timing couldn’t be better. With the Anova Precision Cooker, it’s easier than ever for home cooks to take a stab at what was once relegated to the realm of restaurant kitchens.

Cloud Cooking — Welcome to the future!

Cooking over WI-FI

Hi! My name’s Rod, and I recently joined Anova to lead our software team. Before joining, I would never pretend to be a kitchen whiz, but once I met with the team here, heard about their vision for the future of the kitchen, and confirmed our shared belief that software and hardware working together is what makes the best products, I had to join.

And today, I’m proud to announce the release of the first version of our Anova WI-FI app for iOS, available to download for free in the App Store.

In conjunction with our WI-FI Precision Cooker, for the first time you can start cooking food and monitoring its progress from anywhere—your kitchen, your sofa, the gym, or that long bus-ride home! This is something that isn’t possible with any other device on the market today, and it is only achievable by the smart combination of hardware and software.